New Michigan Artist for Independent Artists Program - Liek Feel

Introducing Liek Feel for PicFoams™ Independent Artists Program!
We are incredibly excited to launch our new Independent Artists Program on! Since the early start up days of our company, we've noticed that incredibly talented artists had been purchasing PicFoams™ and AcryliPics™. We have loved printing their beautiful art work onto our products. Being exposed to such talent has been a really incredible opportunity for us. It's an experience we wanted to share with all of our customers!
That's when we decided to partner with passionate and creative artists from all over the country to bring their art to you! Each artist has their own story that has impacted their art in different ways, making it beautifully unique. Here at PicFoams, we think it's important to be able to give these artists an outlet to express their artistic voice. 
Liek Feel is most definitely an impressive artist. Liek is a local artist whom I just happened to run into last summer while walking on the sidewalk. He stopped me and asked if he could show me his art so he could get my opinion. He took out a few abstract art pieces that he had in his backpack and I was really blown away. I hadn't seen anything that creative in a while and it was really cool seeing how passionate he was for his art. The vivid colors complimented the interesting concepts that dominated the canvas. I could tell each one had a very different story to tell. Although our encounter was brief, his art stayed with me throughout the rest of the year. Because of that quick five minute discussion we shared about a year ago, he was the first artist I thought to contact about this program. 
Needless to say, we're incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be able to work with such a dedicated and spirited artist. We're equally as excited to be able to share this Independent Artists experience with our customers!
Check out Liek Feel's latest pieces and support his artistic vision!
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Tap into Liek Feel's mind and inspiration with this Q&A section:

Q) Where does your inspiration come from when you are working on a new art piece?

A)  My inspiration when working on a new piece is sparked by the state of emotion I’m feeling while creating.  As well as the energy I’m feeling in my work environment.

Q) What would you like people to take away from your art? What messages are you most interested in portraying or conveying?

A)  I’d like for people to take away a moment in which they’re persuaded to think outside the box. Even better if in that moment, the observer becomes inspired possibly to use their gifts to impact the world in a constructive way.

In my work, I’m most interested in conveying messages of being free and comfortable with self.

Q) How has your art developed over the years?

A)  I remember I first began drawing in grade school. I was heavily influenced by cartoons and pop anime. I continued drawing more avidly in middle school, creating more in my spare time. I stopped in high school, after a disagreement I had with my then instructor. Years later, I found myself in close friendships with others who were pursuing careers in art. This led me to dive back into creative works. I began to draw again, which led to occasional sketches with markers. 3 years later, I’m now a full-time freelance artist.

Q) What role does the artist have in society?

A)  The role of the artist in society is to stimulate the senses of the observer. A profound artist uses this to their advantage to convey a message of expression, hopefully to the benefit or at least satisfaction of society.

Q) What do you like about your work?

A)  This is something I’m truly passionate for. I like how I grow with it, also it grows with me. I enjoy the work I create as it’s a reflection of what I stand for as an individual.

Q) What would be your dream project?

A)  My dream project would be to animate a self produced/written rap musical/Animated biography loosely based on some of the crazy events and experiences I have encountered. With a trustworthy team, of course.

Q)  What goals do you have for your art?

A)  Short-term, I have goals to use my art to inspire the world. To implant my original work in the homes of many people.

Long-term, to smell my flowers while I’m alive, to teach others, as well as to pass down an inheritance to my children (when time permits I have children).

Q) How do your life experiences affect your art work?

A)  I experienced moving place to place as a child. Then after my mom passed when I was 11, I became observant in every setting. I’ve experienced loneliness. Rising from that and all the adversity I’ve faced has made me a better visual artist.


Q) What advice can you offer for an aspiring artist?

A)  When it comes to advice you get from others, eat the meat and leave the bones. This is a marathon of faith. Believe in yourself and don’t be shaken.


Marisa Hilts