Liek Feel, Michigan Stickable Wall Decor


As a child I used to watch TV far too often. While watching, however, I noticed a difference in programs, and I grew fond of the cartoons as well as animated TV shows. The bright and vibrant colors welcomed me, and knowing that somebody created this made me hungry to learn ways I could create as well. I would draw at home from time to time, but I would grow frustrated because I didn't have anyone to show me what to do and what not in art.

     I spent much of my childhood learning techniques in art from the resources available to me. Until my sophomore year in high school, when I had a disagreement with my art teacher. This led me to putting down art for years. Later through mutual friendships, I became close with a circle of mostly creative individuals, some attended and now graduated from CCS in Detroit. Hanging with them in the midst of their projects for school led me to begin embarking on creative projects of my own. Now, I’m 3 years in pursuing my artist campaign, these have been the best years overcoming tough moments. I have connected with a plenty of creatives and like-minded souls and I believe that the best days of life and my career are ahead.


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