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AcryliPics™ Minis 3x3 Acrylic Photo Tiles

Order lots of stickable AcryliPics™ Minis with or without collage templates! 

How to order your AcryliPics™ Minis & Templates:

1. Select the templates that you would like and add them to your cart!

2. Add up the total number of AcryliPics™ Minis that you will need to purchase to fill in all of your templates. The number of AcryliPics™ Minis that you need for each template is stated on the template picture below. AcryliPics™ Minis are not included with the templates. 

3. To order your total number of AcryliPics™ Minis, click on the 3x3 AcryliPics™ Minis product below and click "Start Creating". Upload and customize all of your photos and add them to your cart!

4. Check out and have fun easily creating your new wall collage!


AcryliPics™ Minis are the perfect size for your endless collage ideas, not too big, not too small, and they just stick to your wall.  No nails, no holes, no mess!

Using the pre-made templates of letters, numbers, and various designs, you can create any words, phrases, or spectacular creations. Easy to create. Simply upload your photos, choose your templates, add to cart, and stick them to your wall! In minutes, you will have breathtaking wall art. 

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