AirVote AcryliPics™ Double-Sided QR Smiley Display - 7.75" x 5.75"

AirVote AcryliPics™ Double-Sided QR Smiley Display - 7.75" x 5.75"

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AcryliPics™ Custom Acrylic Prints (Stand not included)

  • Standard Style - Adheres permanently against your wall

Simply choose your size, click on Upload Photos, add your photos, crop them to the perfect fit, and your photo tile will be made within 2-4 business days + shipping time.

Made in USA!

Your photos are professionally custom printed on gallery-quality glass-like acrylic creating a vivid and stunning way to show off your favorite images.  AcryliPics™ are printed with the highest quality 7-Color professional printing systems onto thin black acrylic backing.  They are then enhanced with a thin clear acrylic front, which also protects and highlights your beautiful photos.  Your AcryliPics™ are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and beautiful.

All AcryliPics™ Acrylic Prints:

  • 1/8" thick black Cast Acrylic backing
  • 1/8" thick clear Cast Acrylic front
  • Strip of permanent adhesive adhered to back of tile
  • High Resolution 7-Color Printing Systems
  • All Acrylic is Gallery Grade
  • Meticulously Laser-Cut with Polished Edges
  • UV Ink Protection for your image
  • High Gloss Finish for a Breathtaking Gallery look and feel

    * By uploading, you acknowledge you hold the rights to the photo(s).