Shirley Buck, Illinois Stickable Wall Decor

I am a massage therapist,  reiki master, and life coach.
I am a mother of two wonderful adults, 2 pups, and a first time grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. I am a daughter of deaf parents who taught me about never taking our senses for granted. Hence my love of surrounding myself with beauty. I started photographing as a hobby. I acquired a love of Flowers from my grandmother.  I love to surround myself with the beauty of them. I started giving gifts of my pictures and soon people were asking to purchase them. I received all kinds of letters and messages telling me how grateful people were to receive them. There were even stories of people who put them up in hospital rooms and nursing homes to cheer up the place. I was so happy that people were enjoying my work so I continue to try and capture beauty for others as well as myself. I will be donating 10% of these proceeds to Janies fund. Thanks for checking them out.
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