The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift! #PowerofPictures

We're officially 2 weeks away from Valentine's Day! Do you have a special someone you want to surprise with a thoughtful gift this year? Let's take a look at some perfect gift ideas that are sure to brighten up your Valentine's Day! We can break it down into three categories:

Quality Time: Date night! Stay in for the night, cook a new meal together, put on a movie and enjoy each others presence - Or - Explore your city! Look up your city and see what fun activities come up! - Or - Enjoy an elegant meal at your favorite restaurant. Whatever you choose to do, just enjoy being together!

Memories: Take some time to reflect on some of the beautiful memories you've created together! Make a craft night out of it: create a scrapbook, collage wall, or unique picture frames to highlight those priceless memories!

Something New: Maybe your partner has been subtly dropping hints as to what they really want. Or maybe your partner is just happy with whatever you surprise them with. In either case, just make sure its coming from the heart. Gift cards are great, but maybe think about getting something that you’ve put some serious thought and energy into. Or better yet, make something!

Everyone is different and they like different things! But, who doesn't love spending Quality Time with their partner, reflecting on Memories they share, and making Something New and meaningful together. 

Of course, your team at always has gift ideas for you that are sure to bring light to your partner’s eyes! If you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift, let us help you out! Check out our newest product line of AcryliPics™ Minis and Templates. These photo tiles come in the perfect size to go crazy on collage making! But, we realize stunning collages aren’t the easiest things to put together. So we’re offering templates to help you! Did I mention templates are completely free with your purchase of AcryliPics™ Minis?

Hit all of the categories with this perfect gift idea. Spend Quality Time with your partner by finding the perfect place to tape up your templates and create your beautiful collage with ease. Take time to reflect over your beautiful Memories that have been professionally crafted into AcryliPics™ Minis as you stick each tile to the template. Then, take a step back and enjoy your “Something New” that you built together. 

Here at, we recognize the Power of Pictures and the incredible significance and importance each photo holds for each of our customers. Pictures give us all the opportunity to capture our most treasured memories. It’s important to highlight those pieces of our lives and we’re dedicated to giving our customers the opportunity to do just that with high-quality photo tiles that don’t require drilling holes in your wall.

Surprise your partner with a gift that will mean the world to them. Choose from a variety of pre-set template bundles or create your own! 

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