Anthony Brass, New Michigan Artist!

Anthony Brass, New Michigan Artist!

UpCommerce S.p.a. CollaboratorJuly 01, 2019

We welcome our new Independent Artist partner, Anthony Brass from Michigan!

Since the early start-up days of our company, we've noticed that incredibly talented artists had been customizing PicFoams™ and AcryliPics™ with their own unique art. Our team is certainly grateful to have been given the opportunity to print their masterpieces on our products! Being exposed to such vibrant and immense talent has been an incredible opportunity and pleasure for us. So much so that we wanted to share that experience with all of our customers! Thankfully, this program has allowed us to do just that!

We first met Anthony at an enormous, local art fair that is hosted in East Lansing every summer. Even though the sun was roasting our unseasoned Michigan skin and the crowds were a bit hard to navigate, Anthony's art was able to captivate us immediately and transport us to a new and unique world of art and imagination. His pieces decorated the walls of his space and each art piece portrayed a new vision of the natural beauty and intricacy of the world around us. The way he works with the natural color choices of his paints and the raw elements of the wood canvas creates an earthy and beautiful piece of art that is totally unique to him. 

One of my favorite things about going to art fairs is being able to enter into an artist's individual space and immerse myself into their unique artistic vision. Each artist seeks to tell a story and does so in their own way, with their own techniques. At that single art show, hundreds of artists lined the streets, showing and sharing thousands of art pieces to people from all over the country. The miraculous thing though, was that Anthony's work was completely different from everyone else's and that is what I appreciate the absolute most. That's another reason why our Independent Artists Program is so special; each artist that is partnered with us has their own style and strategy, making their art truly unique. 

We're extremely grateful to be able to work with Anthony Brass and help share his art with all of you! If you'd like to learn more about Anthony Brass, take a look at the Q&A section below! Don't forget to check out his artwork and add his art to your home today!


Anthony Brass Q&A Section:

Q: Where does your inspiration come from when you are working on a new art piece? 
A: My inspiration for each painting comes from a variety of different sources. Sometimes, the inspiration is drawn from a place I have visited, somethings I have heard, read or conjured up in my own mind. Most of the ideas are drawn from the natural world. However, a large number of my color pallets are garnered from the material world. Anywhere from a woman's make-up in combination with her well married outfit or even a tattered dog toy laying in someone's living room that has a particular energizing color pallet that pops just right with their earth-toned shag carpet. 
Q: What would you like people to take away from your art? What messages are you most interested in portraying or conveying? 
A: Each painting has its own story to tell. As a whole, my art is an attempt to get the gears turning in the viewers head, at the same time, uplift their spirit and give them a sense of hope and inspiration. I am trying to explore the mysteries of nature as well as displaying the connection we humans share with it. Too many people in our society have such a disconnect with nature and that is detrimental to the human soul and well being of our ecosystem. With my art, I hope to translate the beauty I see in everyday existence, the natural world and the heavy appreciation I have for it. 
Q: How has your art developed over the years?
A: Since 2017, I have been painting and creating art on a daily basis. Over that time, I have successfully created my own unique style and have been able to translate my thoughts and ideas into fruition more successfully than ever before. Never the less, my art and thought process is ever evolving which can be seen in my work. To me, looking back at a painting I created only a short year earlier is like looking back at something I've done much older and underdeveloped than that. My work is evolving at such a fast pace, it's often difficult for me to even keep up with it. 
Q: What role does the artist have in society?
A: The artist is a free-willed spirit so their role can be anything they wish it to be. However, in my eyes, I feel the role of the artist is to ask the tough questions. Stand for something that is not always easy to back and be the brave individual to speak on it. I believe artists are the pioneers of every future and society / culture rides on the backs of us creatives. 
Q:What do you like about your work?
A: What I love most about my work is that it is a complete expression of myself. Without using words, only color, and visual stimulation, I am able to effectively expel the creative fumes inside my internal being and place it on a surface to share with others. 
Q: What would be your dream project?
A: My dream project would be to travel the world's forest and visually document all the complex ecosystems that resign in each habitat. 
Q: What goals do you have for your art?
A: The goals I have for my artwork are abundant. I want to spread my artwork worldwide and talk to people about my process, methods, and messages as well as inspire young artists to not be afraid to take a path of the artist. 
Q: How do your life experiences affect your artwork?
A: My life experiences affect every aspect of my artwork. I believe all my life experiences have shaped me into the person I am today and will continue to for the rest of my life. My art is a mirror image of my being and in turn, is influenced accordingly. I am continuously excited to observe myself to evolve and grow along with my artwork. I feel it is important for everyone to continuously grow because staying stagnant for too long will wither your appetite for advancement. 
Q: What advice can you offer for an aspiring artist?
A: My advice to all young, aspiring artists is to never let outside sources dictate the direction your heart wants to take you. Dream big and focus on your goals. Never think you know it all and always keep an open mind and listening ear to anyone you meet. There is something to learn from everyone and every situation in life so pay attention and ask questions. Every artist works different but in my perspective, I have found that keeping daily sketchbook habits and creating or thinking about creating every day will help you become the artist you aspire to be. Like anything in life, it takes a lot of work and time to develop your own style but the more time you put in, the faster you will achieve your goals. Lastly, have fun and love what you are doing. If it's not fun for you, then you should continue on exploring new paths until you find that true passion in your life.  
Check out Anthony's art today and add your favorite to your home!
Marisa Hilts